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Tobacco products from A to Z!

We want to provide our clients with more than just tobacco. We stock our shelves with numerous tobacco productsincluding pipes, ashtrays, wrappers, pouches, and many other accessories that you will love. Many of our items also make great gifts. If you’re looking for something unique, let us know! Or, come into one of our Alaska shops to see what we have for you! 

Every pipe smoker knows that to get the full enjoyment from your pipes and tobaccos you need the proper tools for smoking, storage and maintenance. The right accessories will help you properly store your favorite tobaccos, maintain the condition of your pipes and enhance your overall smoking experience.

If you're looking for cigars, rolling equipment or looking for a place for storage, we have a selection of accessories that will help you enjoy and protect your pipe and tobacco investment.

Tobacco products such as a pipe in Anchorage, AK

Pipes of all types

Do you enjoy a nice and relaxing pipe smoke on occasion? We have quality pipes and tobacco products of all types in stock.

We take great pride in offering you one of the largest and most varied assortments of quality pipes for your smoking pleasure. With our vast assortment we are able to provide you with an ever-changing selection to suit any passion, preference, or pocketbook.

From vintage-inspired pipes to those that are truly unique, you’ll love our pipe selection. Give us a call today or come and see what we have in Anchorage.

Woman smoking a cigar in a tobacco products shop in Anchorage, AK

Quality cigars

Smoking a cigar is a metamorphic experience. The right cigar can completely remove you from your surroundings and transport you to a calmer place. We love the cigars that we stock, and you will too! But, we offer more than just cigars.

We offer cigar accessories like high-quality cutters and other products that will make your cigar smoking experience unbeatable. 

We offer you great brands and fantastic flavors while striving to always give you the best deal. While one’s preference in subtle flavors vary from person to person, we hope you’ll discover that each cigar offers something special. Come in and see all the tobacco products that we have today.

Lighter and other tabacco products in Anchorage, AK

Gifts and accessories

Not only do we sell products that will make your smoke experience amazing, we also have plenty of great gift ideas. In addition to being a fully stocked tobacconist, we also carry top quality gifts and top name collectibles. Some of the gifts you can choose from are:

  • Lighters
  • Flasks
  • Humidors

From glassware to modern metal, we stock it all. If tobacco products are what you’re looking for, you’ll find that we have everything under one roof at Pete's Tobacco Shop in Anchorage. 

 Walk in Humidor stocked with cigars ‚Äč - 30+ types of tobacco

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